Audio Files to accompany the Beginner's Classes

Class 1

The Counting Chart:

Breathing Bows (4 counts)

Skating Bows (2 counts)

Walking Bows (1 count)

Running Bows (2 bows per count)

Caterpillar Bows (no audio yet)

Class 2

Rhythm Nation: on all 4 strings

SYN-co-pa-tion and re-SPON-si-ble

HERE, swee-tie

GAL-lop-ing, GAL-lop-ing

Double Strings:

G and D,  D and A,  A and E

Our First Melodies using left hand fingers:

Hot, Hot Buns on  E    A    D    G  

Climb the Mountain (on all strings)

Class 3

Scales Up and Down

A     D     G

Playing the A scale with "Double Bows"

Our First Melody using 2 strings

Twinkle, Twinkle